Since discovering digital photography well into my thirties, I’ve wondered why some luddites would still work with film.

But now I know. I get it!

There’s something magical about the feel of the shutter click and manually winding on the film. After the first few shots I looked at the back of the camera to inspect the image. But now I’m enjoying not knowing.

Things that bother me in a digital image I now welcome; I like the grain and the slight loss of crispness when shooting film.

Although, I’ve not gone completely manual. I’m using an OM10 without the manual shutter dial – essentially shooting in aperture priority. For purists, I suspect this is still cheating!

Moving to Lightroom

This image is my first processed using Lightroom.

Sadly Apple have decided to stop developing Aperture and when I recently upgraded my OS I was unable to use Aperture at all.  So, I finally made the switch to Adobe.  It’s hard to argue with one of the most successful brands of all time, but I don’t personally like Apple’s apparent ongoing abandonment of pro users.

First impressions, in my opinion Aperture was much more user friendly. But Lightroom seems like a pretty powerful tool and despite what I find an ugly interface it will do the job just fine.