high street (3)

I’ve learned that the best photographers don’t waste time worrying about gear. I have also found myself prone to GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) and I always want to know what gear someone uses.

For what it’s worth, I mainly use micro four thirds (mft) cameras. They are ideal for street shooting, being small, light, discreet and offering good image quality and decent depth of field. I use an Olympus OM-D EM10 and occassionally a Panasonic G3. These are at the cheaper end of the scale which suits my budget, but they are also smaller and lighter than their more expensive relatives and I don’t need weather proofing, audio inputs and fast frames per second.

For street I normally use a Panasonic 20mm or Sigma 30mm lens (full frame equivalent of 40mm or 60mm). I use the Olympus 45mm for portraits and the plastic mount 14-42mm kit zoom for landscapes. The kit zoom takes cokin A series filters which allows some experimentation with exposure etc.

I’ve also started experimenting with film cameras and use an OM10 and Trip 35 and a more recent Rollei point and shoot. I realise I’m becoming an Olympus fanboy but sadly there’s no accompany sponsorship.

I recently started to process my own films, some of the results are displayed on this blog.

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