The joy of street photography 

I’ve heard a couple of street photographers speak about relaxing and enjoying shooting. One was John Free and I think the other was F D Walker in the Shooter Files

I realised that I’d been putting too much pressure on myself to improve and to try and get great shots. I had stopped enjoying myself on the street. Instead I was walking around grumpy and stressed. 

So, I decided to enjoy myself again and to interact with people. I decided to ask or at least engage people before taking their photograph; risking less edgy images but removing tension and potential antagonism. 

The result has been interesting. I’ve been much happier and people have seemed to enjoy getting their photograph taken. 

For example, 

These images may be classified as street portraits and may not meet classical street photography criteria. But it has made me happier and perhaps theses subjects. 

At a time where there is a lot of gloom and despair around, it has been nice to experience and share some joy. 

3 thoughts on “The joy of street photography 

  1. Nice portraits! Well done with opening up and relaxing too!
    As for the definition of true street photography what’s wrong with the sub-genre of street portraits? Photographers shoot all kinds of things in the streets, you just decide what you prefer more. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable coming up to people in the street, so I’m more into secret street portraits sub-genre))

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