Help the aged 


I prefer photographing older people.  Often they appear more interesting; more weathered or sun bleached. 

Recently I’ve been questioning myself about whether I also find them less intimidating. Perhaps I think they’re less likely to complain about being shot. 

There is a thought process at work in my shooting. I avoid photographing kids because of the potential to be misunderstood. I generally avoid  photographing young women because of the potential to be considered inappropriate, in particular by my wife. 

I regularly see more edgy looking individuals and want to shoot in homage to a gildenesque gangster scene. But often fear gets the better of me; I’ve been hit before on the streets. 

And so I find that I’m not really documenting street life, not in its entirety. I’m documenting the portion of street life that, in the moment, I prejudge to be non-threatening. 

Funny thing is, the only people to have reacted in a threatening way to being shot, in my experience, have been older (though, not in the case of the photo above).

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