One that got away

There is no photo with this post. Because this post is about the shot I didn’t get today. It was a beautiful street shot and looked great in my minds eye. But sadly I had no camera with me; rookie error.

I was passing GAP when saw a guy standing ‘vaping’ in the doorway. He was an older man and was dressed in double denim. As I passed him I thought he’d be an interesting subject. However the shot improved as I noticed that all the mannequins in the window display next to him were dressed similarly.

The reality is I might not have got the photograph.  Or if I’d got the shot it may well have been resigned to the trash along with the vast majority of others.

On the bright side, some blogs and magazines suggest going for a photowalk without a camera in order to re-energise your creativity. So, I’m going to pretend thats was I was doing.



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