I was walking with my camera in my hand, at my side. A guy came round the corner in front of me. He made a strange shout and then appeared to pose for me.  This was not the first time someone had acted like this, so I assumed he wanted me to take a picture.

So, I raised my camera and took a few shots. I was using an old Panasonic G3 and had been using the screen. When I raised the camera the viewfinder, therefore, did not switch on (I believe the automatic switch came with the G5). I couldn’t see him but I took a shot anyway.

When I lowered the camera I was surprised to see he was directly in front of me and not looking too happy. I turns out I had misunderstood his behaviour and he did not like it. He made that clear and exclaimed, ‘you should ask first!’ He then went on his way and I didn’t get a chance to explain my misunderstanding.

Many people don’t seem to mind too much if you take their photo, even without asking. On this occasion I thought I had been given permission, without asking. But it just goes to show there can be a confrontational side to street photography.

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