Sharing life


Sadly I was awake early this morning but I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting the early morning tv was. 

There was an interview with the author Jonathan Franzen where he commented that in contemporary culture “being is replaced with sharing.” The irony of blogging about this is not lost on me, but the point is we are too busy sharing how we’re living to actually live well. We are too distracted by constant buzzing, pinging, flashing and notifying to pay attention to the real people around us. 

In street photography I feel unusually connected to the world around me. I feel hyper-observant rather than distracted. But does that me I am living well? Am I participating in life by photographing the lives of those around me? 

Or, in being overly observant, am I more detached from reality. Is searching for pattern, meaning, beauty, dissonance and even whim, placing too great an expectation on the ordinary? Is observing life from behind the lens really living?  


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