Grumpiness & Serendipity

Today I was tired and grumpy shooting, which is a poor combination. I find it hard to be inspired when I’d be better catching up on sleep. 

Despite being in Edinburgh during the Festival I found it hard to see good images. And then to top it off, someone moaned at me for taking their picture. It wasn’t an aggressive response or even anxiety about the camera, it was simply a “it would be nice to be asked”. 

At this point I should have remembered Erik Kim’s advice to smile (harness-fear-become-confident-street-photographer/) and say thank you. Or in retrospect I could have explained that to ask for a posed shot would have changed the whole genre of the image and some street photography purist Flickr groups would reject it. 

But instead I replied that I didn’t think I needed to ask permission, I was sorry for any offence and I’d  happily delete the image; which I did.  I explained why I was taking the shot, because I thought he and his colleague looked interesting. Perhaps he’d had a bad day too because he ended up saying it was fine.

I continued down the street and took some more shots. Like this one.  


And then something weird but cool happened. I stopped to listen to a brilliant guitarist. There was a large crowd and eventually I turned to see that the guy next to me was someone I’d taken a picture of the day before 40 miles away in Perth.  Considering Edinburgh swells to over a million people during the Festival, it seemed a pretty incredible coincidence.

I decided to introduce myself and found that there was a language barrier. But he was pretty amused when I showed him the shot on Flickr. 


So all in all a good day! 

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