Street photography & Rights


I was in Glasgow and took the opportunity for some shots.  Glasgow has the reputation for being one of Scotland’s friendliest and relaxed cities.

But on this occasion I found this questioned. I went to take a picture of two gentlemen (not the image above) and was challenged by one of them. He didn’t say not to take the picture he shouted across that it was ‘against the law’ and it was ‘an invasion of privacy’.  This was in a public area and my understanding was that to take a picture was perfectly legal. However I hadn’t actually taken a shot which I explained. And we left it at that. 

I try to be careful and respectful when taking shots and I’m quite happy to delete or not take images.  But I was surprised by the suggestion that taking an image in public was illegal.  Apparently in some countries this is the case but not, as far as I’m aware, in the UK.  
I’d be interested to know if candid street photography is indeed considered an invasion of privacy.  The best information I can find on the subject is as follows.

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