Bad photography?

“…the vast majority (however, by no means all) of street photography making the rounds on social media and Flickr etc., is simply poor photography – it’s tired, boring, repetitive, visionless digital noise.”

(Michael Ernest Sweet, Street Photography Has no Clothes, Huffington Post, 28/07/15, article)

If you haven’t already read the above article then it’s well worth a read (although I suspect that many more will have read it than will ever see this blog).

As the article suggests, street photography does seem to be increasingly popular as an activity although perhaps not as art to be enjoyed by others. There is a real challenge for all involved in street photography to come up with something unique or meaningful.

Given the use of the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ metaphor, I also suspect that the author may be more concerned about those who are lauded as popular street photographers rather than beginners or those seeking to improve.

However with regard to his comments on self editing, all of us, beginners included, need to think about how much we post online. It’s far too easy to share every image rather than the 1% of decent shots. But just because we can post doesn’t mean we should. And I’m certainly guilty in this regard.

So, how do we avoid shooting more and more banal street photography? And how do we make images that are meaningful?

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