Shooting from the hip in the 21st Century


I read recently about someone using the touch screen shutter release function on an OM-D em5 for shooting from the hip (In my bag – Neenad Arul).  

Helpfully, the articulating screen on this and similar cameras, allows you to look down to shoot, as if using an older style medium format camera. 

But even better is the ability to touch the screen both to choose the autofocus point and to release the shutter. For some reason I hadn’t thought of this before. 

At least one criticism of shooting from the hip is that you can’t frame the shot. Instead you rely on luck or experience to make a good image (Eg Eric Kim – Learn from the masters series).  

But with articulating touchscreens you can now frame the shot, select your focal point and release the shutter instantaneously. 

Of course there are other reasons not to shoot from the hip. But I find the ability to frame and shoot via the screen a real bonus on the street.

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