Every picture tells a story


I’ve no idea where the saying comes from about pictures telling stories. But it seems to be regular advice for those wishing to improve their images, that a picture should suggest a narrative. 

As soon as I saw the empty shoes beneath the bench I began to wonder what the story might be.  The shoes don’t look like they were carefully placed. Instead they look like their owner simply vanished. I considered the extremes of rapture, internal combustion or alien abduction.

Or did someone simply walk off from the bench barefoot? Were they deep in thought and absent mindedly left the shoes behind?

And then I noticed the small coat hanger.  Probably these shoes have served their purpose. But due to discomfort, decrepitude or changing fashion they have been replaced and abandoned. Now they rest under a bench bringing a tiny flash of colour to an otherwise drab day. 


One thought on “Every picture tells a story

  1. really enjoying these photos and blogs, Dave – I have only – thus far – managed to take photographs of streets (with people in the distance rather than the subject) but might be a bit bolder in the future. I do particularly love this one with it’s many possible stories plus the most likely one 🙂

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